How We Cooperate?

DALITE focuses on End-users, focuses on the development of enterprise and industry trends, reshapes product strategies and product     
definitions that are suitable for enterprise strategy and more competitive in the industry, so as to realize the commercial value of business.

Demand interpretation

Provide us with the concept of lamps you need, and you can also provide a rough specification, such as its power and color temperature.

Get Reviewed

The design team will carefully study your design or specifications and make suggestions for modification.

Sample Molding

Rapid proofing after finalization to ensure that the mold precision meets your requirements.

Sample Prototyping

Quick proofing will be completed within one week, and the mold will be formally opened after confirmation.

Trial Order

Please feel free to order a small batch of LED lamps for testing purposes. Let you easily know whether LED lamps meet your requirements.

Cooperation Contract

Sign a contract to ensure that you confirm the structure and quality of customized LED lights before we start production.

Mass Production

After signing the contract, we will continue to produce your LED lamp order with advanced manufacturing equipment within the expected period.

Logistics & Delivery

All finished products are sealed and packed, and arranged in cargo containers to ensure their safe and punctual arrival.

Design & Develop

The product innovation of DALITE has strong realizability, the guarantee of functional R&D can maximize the realization of product definition, and the innovative R&D of DALITE has a perfect R&D process.

ODM&OEM Service

We provide ODM&OEM services and conduct stable and long-term business cooperation with leader company in LED & Solar lighting industry from Europe & U.S & GCC region.


Our lamps have an average warranty of 2/5 years. We provide free replacement and maintenance for LED lamps that fail during the warranty period, as well as free pre-sales and after-sales technical advice.

Exclusive Sales

DALITE is focusing on ODM&OEM, no own brand. Our products are independently researched, convey the real value of the product with the most suitable appearance, and ensure the realization of mass production of the product.

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